Completely Remove ‘Powered by Shopify’ link from your store

You can replace the link text with a space by following instructions from Shopify, however, it will only replace the text but keep the link to the site. To completely remove the text and the link, you need to edit the footer code. It sounds hard, but it is pretty easy.

Follow these steps to completely remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ text and link from the footer:

  • Go to Online Store > Theme > Customize
  • Go to Theme Actions > Edit Code (Bottom left corner)
  • Open the file Section / footer.liquid (Yes, this is the place where you can do amazing stuff)
  • In the footer.liquid file, look for ‘powered’ and remove the corresponding line. In the Debut theme, it looks something like this:
<small class="site-footer__copyright-content site-footer__copyright-content-powered-by">{{ powered_by_link }}</small>

Removing the above line will completely remove the ‘Powered by Shopify’ from your default theme.

Hey Shopify, we are paying you for promoting us, not for promoting yourself. Could you please kindly add a quick option to turn this ‘Powered by Shopify’ link on and off in your theme?

The other way, mentioned in the Shopify help section, is by replacing the ‘powered’ text by a space. This can be done by going to Theme Actions > Edit Languages. Then filter the list of translations for the word ‘powered’. When you find the ‘Powered by Shopify’ section, replace it with white space by entering ‘Space’ in the text box. Click Save. (Note: this will hide the text but keep the link to Shopify)

We recommend using the first method of editing the link in code. Shopify keeps older versions of the code file, so you can revert back to it, if you make a mistake.

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