Best Random Number Generator

The Best Random Number Generator by is really the best. This is a nice and easy, user-friendly, beautiful random number generator full of features for all your needs like games, lotteries, every day decisions, and more. For quick random number from 1-10, or 1-100 or bulk combinations, it provides awesome set of options. It has a unique start/stop feature that helps you achieve true randomness and luck at the same time. Simply, enter the range of numbers needed and click Start. The generator starts looping through your numbers and stops when you click stop. It also has a Go button that gives you the next random number. For a wheel feel, you can press down on the Roll button and the generator will loop through numbers until you let go.

It also has other options such as Unique, Custom Odd/Even, Separator, Sort Order, to allow you to fine tune the number generator even more.

It also allows you to enter sets for your combinations. For example, if you need 5 numbers, 1 from 1-10, 1 from 11-20, 1 from 21-30, 1 from 31-40 and 1 from 41-50. You can do so on the combination page or by clicking on the plus sign from the random number generator page.

It also has an option to generate numbers of certain length by specifying number of digits. Here is the shortcut to the digit generator.

Another handy feature of this random number generator is the bookmark-able links. For users, who need to post direct links to preset RNGs, you can share the the URLs directly with your friends or bookmark them yourself for for quick access.

Other options allow you to download the generated numbers as a csv file, or copy the numbers to the clipboard for use in other applications.

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