Dice Roller

Dice Roller
Dice Roller by DiceRoller.co

A very simple and clean dice roller by DiceRoller.co. If all you need is a simple dice roller, this is it. It’s mobile friendly and loads fast. Simply click on Roll to get the next dice roll and, voil√†, you have your next number. It neatly presents the dice and quick options if you need a specialized dice like d20 or d10.

The options to change numbers of sides, number of dice (for multiple dice) is nicely displayed below the Roll button, so they are not in your way.

If you roll multiple dice, it also shows the total sum of all dice.

The only thing lacking is a way to combine different types of dice such a d10 with d20, etc..

Check out our dice rollers page to find out which apps can do that.

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